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All managers at some point face challenging questions that they don’t have the resources to answer effectively.

Hiring a new employee or learning the right skills may not be an option due to limited funds or time.
Brightleaf Consulting Group can provide individuals with years of professional experience in a range of industries to help answer questions and overcome challenges.

Case Study – Determining The Best Growth Opportunity in a Regulated Market


A biotech company had an enzyme for animal feed that they were submitting for approval in the US, but wanted to earn revenue on it as soon as possible.


Brightleaf worked with the client to evaluate international sales opportunities.  Potential target countries were evaluated based on:

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Market size
  • Difficulty to enter market
  • Competition

A model to quantify both the findings and the quality of information available was developed.  This made it possible to compare the countries against each other and rank them by varying criteria.

The client received a list of countries to target over the near, medium, and long term.  For each country, specific challenges were shared and a list of companies who might be potential customers was also provided.


The client used the research to focus outreach on the strongest targets. This decreased the time spent  speaking to potential customers and greatly reduced the travel expenses for customer visits.

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